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Dayton K Knipher

Abstract Photographic Artist
Harbor Spires
"I really love this work - there is such a depth to
it, a really engaging play between realism and
abstraction that gives me enough space to

"'Tide Flat Turf' works the best, with the rusty
roofs, blue wall, and gray asphalt fusing into a
parallelogram of concentric shimmers."
- Rosemary Ponnekanti,
The News Tribune, Dec. 6, 2009

"'River Run' just takes my breath away."

"Your work is explosive, vivid colors. It was
intriguing. I thought they were paintings."

"I love your work. It's like unlocking what we
don't quite see."

"Dayton's keen artist's eye has led her to create
many wonderful photographic images." -- Dawn
Quinn, Tacoma Weekly, Jan. 1, 2009

"I was totally in awe of your great work. I love
your technique. Terrific stuff!"

"Just viewed your work ... beautiful."

"I just had a chance to look at all the pictures on
your website. Wow! They are really amazing."

"I had a chance to see your website tonight. I
really like what you have done. Very interesting
and vibrant."

"Your work is cutting edge and unique."

"I'd love to meet the genius behind the camera."

"Beautiful work! I really enjoyed your award-
winning 'Brilliant Orange', very beautiful."

"I really liked 'Crystal Silence' in the 2007
gallery! I stared at it for quite a while."